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Passiflora Fusion Drops - Passionflower
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Discover A Native American Herbal Secret!

Historically, Passiflora incarnata or passionflower was used by Native Americans and other indigenous cultures for its potent ability to relieve occasional sleeplessness, nervous tension, stress and anxiety. Cherished for centuries, this therapeutic plant is a natural sleep aid.

Homeopathic traditions have sought guidance from nature and adopted Passiflora incarnata as a means of calming the nerves and easing severe nervous system agitation.

The luscious passionflower found popularity in European herbology as a natural remedy for mild symptoms of mental stress, anxiety, and nervousness. The exotic flower even offers a naturopathic means of mild sedation and pain relief.

Our Passiflora Drops are crafted and manufactured under the supervision of leading homeopaths in our state-of-the-art FDA registered facility.

Discover the secret to restorative sleep and relaxation – order your Passiflora fusion Drops from Heavenly Herbals TODAY!

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