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Cactus Grandiflorus Drops
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Cactus Grandiflorus - #1 Best Recommended Blood Pressure Supplement - Would You Like to Improve Your Blood Pressure? Today, millions of Americans suffer from blood pressure that is too high, or even too low. Poor blood pressure can put excessive strain on...

SUPPORTS HEALTHY BLOOD PRESSURE. With aging, stress, poor diet, and genetics, our blood pressure may begin to drift away from its ideal range. This can put unwanted stress on our cardiovascular system and make us worry about our health. Cactus Grandiflorus is a natural blood pressure supplement with 8 ingredients including Hawthorne Berry, Rauwolfia serpentine, Arjuna, etc. These support healthy blood pressure & circulation. (More effective than just garlic pills for blood pressure)

PROMOTES HEALTHY BLOOD CIRCULATION. If you have poor circulation, it can be difficult for the heart to get blood to all your body tissues. Unfortunately, this results in an increased blood pressure to compensate for the poor blood flow. Luckily, this blood pressure support supplement helps to improve blood flow & circulation. Ultimately, this creates an environment where there is less strain on the heart and cardiovascular system. Blood can flow through the body with more ease.

MADE IN THE USA. Cactus Grandiflorus is made in the USA in a FDA-Registered facility. We are a trusted family-run company that is known for high purity, potency, and safety.


Active Ingredients: Aconitum napellus 6x, Arnica montana 4x, Cactus grandiflprus 3x, Crataegus oxycantha 3x, Glonium 5x, Passiflora incarnata 4x, Rauwolfia serpentina 4x, Terminalia arjuna 2x.

Inactive Ingredients: Purified water, Ethanol 29.9%

Unless otherwise prescribed, adults take 10-15 drops mixed with cold water three times daily. For children under 12, consult with your physican.

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