Thyrolex Drops Supports Complete Thyroid Health. Heavenly Herbals, Inc.
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Thyrolex Drops

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  • Thyrolex Drops

  • Thyrolex Drops


Supports Complete Thyroid Health.

Active Ingredients: Cetraria 5x, Equisetum 6x, Fucus 5x, Quercus 6x, Scrophularia 5x, Antimonium Iodatum 6x.

Inactive Ingredients: Grain Alcohol 29.95% by volume

Unless otherwise prescribed, adults take 5-10 drops mixed with water or juice 2-3 times daily. For children under age of 12, consult your physician.

Customer Reviews
ROOPLEKHA MITRA 2022-09-12 20:53:11

I am regularly taking this medicine for a couple of months and can see the positive changes. I feel good and energetic after taking it. I highly recommend it.

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