30 Days Health Plan

30 Days Health Plan

DAYS 1-10: Body

The first ten days of our 30-day plan are specifically outlined to increase toxin elimination. It supplies you with enriching daily habits that work to cleanse your body - the chief tool and instrument that takes you where you need to go, and greatly improve overall well-being. A cleansed body means a healthy body, one that is able to take correct actions toward an ultimate purpose or goal. 

DAYS 1-3: Diet Detoxification

Suggestion #1: Water Intake

After each dose of your Heavenly Herbal medicine(s), drink the entirety of 1 glass of water, ultimately aiming for about 12 glasses per day. This is because in order to best detoxify your body, both water intake and excretion through terminating organs are primary goals. Ultimately reaching a goal of 12 glasses per day will certify that your lymphatic drainage pathways, kidneys, and liver improve as well as ensure that your body is completely ridding itself of already present toxins.

        Suggestion #2: Clean-Up

A successful detox diet means ridding your pantry/refrigerator of the following items:


-Sugar (White or refined)

-Caffeinated beverages

-Processed foods


-Diet/fat-free foods

-Sugary fruit drinks

-Corn syrup

-Soda/soft drinks

-Fried foods


-GMO products

-Processed oils

-Red meat/pork

-Peanuts (including peanut butter)

-Canned meats, cold cuts, and hot dogs

-Dairy products

-Sushi/raw fish

-Glutenous products

This is because processed foods, such as the ones listed above, due to poor quality generally contain increased levels of toxin. While a healthy body might not experience immediate effects of such food items (given that they are being ingested in small amounts), over time, the immune system is weakened by the build-up of toxins, leading to an avalanche of other health-related problems. In order to get the best results from detoxification efforts, it is therefore best to completely avoid highly processed foods. 

Suggestion #3: Food Quality

A successful detox diet includes the following foods:

-Spring/mineral water

-Uncanned fruits

-Almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk

-Organic vegetables 

-Herbal teas

-Peas, lentils, beans


-Grains (Gluten-free)

-Stevia, honey, pure maple syrup

-Nuts and seeds

-Healthy fats

This is because the foods listed above will provide your body with essential nutrients and enzymes, successfully providing your body the nourishment it requires. Simply fasting during a detox diet is not enough because it causes the body to preserve toxins in fear of starvation. Instead, you should cut away and then replace problematic foods with ones that benefit your overall health. 

DAYS 4-7: Exercise

Suggestion #4: Stretching

Choose a handful of stretches/yoga poses to do (flowing from one to the next) in order to best relieve the body of tension and improve overall lymphatic drainage and circulation. When stretching, gravity plays a major role in naturally stretching the body while also compressing the lymphatic system and thyroid gland, increasing overall drainage. Daily stretching of the tendons and muscles results in an increase of oxygenation, stimulates the lymphatic system, and greatly improves blood flow. 

Suggestion #5: Body Movement

The human body is designed to move; movement serves as one of the most basic and primitive functions of the body. You should go for a walk (ranging from 15 to 30 minutes) every day after lunch (if you are not able to go for a walk, do a quick stretch) in order to trigger the movement of toxins into the lymphatic system, where they can then be eliminated. 

Suggestion #6: Reinforce the Nervous System

It is vital to keep in mind that you must take a break from time-to-time. The average human being tends to push him/herself  to get things done quickly, whether it be work or simple everyday tasks, and while it is good to get things done, one must remember to take a deep breath and slow down. Completing tasks 30% slower than you otherwise feel you should sends a safe message to your body. The feeling of overall safety works to detox the body and cleanse the tissues.

DAYS 8-10: Cell Recovery

Suggestion #7: Relaxing Environment

There are many factors that affect your regeneration ability, one of the most important one being your living space. It is the space you tend to spend the most amount of time in, and in turn is the space that tends to affect you the most. Take time right now to imagine the most relaxing version of your living space right now: Clean up the space, move things around, do whatever brings you the greatest amount of relaxation. A clean and organized environment will immediately work to decrease your stress levels while in your living space and ultimately increase detoxification and regeneration.

Suggestion #8: Rest

On a regular routine, get in whatever position that brings you greatest amount of relaxation right after lunch but before you go on your daily walk (refer back to suggestion #6). For 20 minutes, simply focus on your breathing and relax. When you do this, you train your body to enter the parasympathetic state, which works to decrease heart rate and respiration and increase digestion. Recovery is a matter of training and rest is the best way to train yourself into a successful recovery. 

Suggestion #9: Sleep Habits

Human beings tend to ignore the effects of poor sleep when faced with more pressing and urgent matters. However, you should implement the use of a proper sleep routine in order to feel rested and healthy. You should create a healthy sleep schedule (8 hours of sleep) and make sure you stick to it. In order to best obtain undisturbed sleep, dim all the lights in your room and cease the use of all electronic devices 1 hour prior. 

DAYS 11-20: Mind

These next 10 days of our 30-day plan are centered around clearing your mind. We will provide you with suggestions to better your emotional and mental well being, which is vital in helping steer you in a healthy direction. A cleansed body means a healthy mindset.

DAYS 11-13: Breathing Detoxification

Suggestion #10: Awareness

Breath emission is a vital way to eliminate toxins. However, more times than not we tend to prevent our breathing to the chest, which minimizes carbon dioxide expulsion. In order to increase detoxification, you have to train yourself to be aware of your breathing in order to center yourself and focus the mind.

Suggestion #11: Belly Breathing

We tend to inhale into our chest, which results in a build up of stress. Belly breathing is a quick way to alleviate said stress. In order to successfully belly breathe, you should focus on enlarging your stomach and pushing your diaphragm into the belly. While you do this, breathe in a deep manner and fill your lungs. While this may feel unusual at first, you will eventually feel grounded and relaxed, ultimately increasing the amount of oxygen that enters your bloodstream. 

Suggestion #12: Deep Breaths When Stressed

When focusing on your breathing, it is important to pay attention to what triggers your stress. Once you identify these triggers, transform them instead into relaxation triggers by breathing in deeply through the belly (refer back to suggestion #11). 

DAYS 14-17: Meditation

Suggestion #13: Morning Meditation Practice

Meditation practice has proven that it improves our perception, creates a better sense of well-being, and increases understanding. In order to practice meditation, during your resting periods (refer back to suggestion #8), practice your belly breathing (refer back to suggestion #11). Upon waking up, you should first practice your morning breathing by focusing on the inhale and exhale of your breaths and releasing all morning thoughts. 

Suggestion #14: Expansion of Focus

The more you practice meditation, the greater your focus will get. Work on gradually increasing your morning meditation practice (refer back to suggestion #13) from one minute to 3 minutes to eventually 5 minutes. In the beginning, your mind will tend to wander a great amount, however, with more practice, your mind will wander less.

Suggestion #15: Mind Strengthening

As your breathing meditation (refer back to suggestion #13) becomes more familiar to you, it is important to train your brain on working to improve memory and focus. In order to achieve this mental clarity, during your morning meditation (refer back to suggestion #13) every other day, turn your attention on an object of your choosing rather than your breath alone. While you relax your belly and continue breathing, in your mind’s eye, focus on the characteristics of the object (texture, color, shape, etc.) for 5 minutes. 

DAYS 18-20: Recognize Your Healthy Self

Suggestion #16: Visualization

Mental practices using visualization have proven to be as effective as physical practices. In order to increase detoxification through visualization, close your eyes and visualize a scene involving yourself in the future - a healthy, happy version of you,  as vividly as possible. Visualize the energy emanating from that vision traveling though your body, replacing all the negative, dark energy within. Instead of imagining it as a scene from the faraway future, visualize it as a scene from the near-future, almost present. Experience the vision. 

Suggestion #17: Self-affirmations

The theory of self-affirmations refers to individuals reflecting on personal values that hold a great amount of importance to them in order to experience less stress when they feel their sense of self is being threatened. This helps individuals with improving their health, academic success, and decreases defensiveness. In order to achieve this, you should write a self-affirmation down on paper,  ranging from 3 to 5 times. Instead of writing the affirmations as something you wish to achieve in the future, write it as if you have already achieved it. For example, instead of using phrases such as “I will be…”, use “I am…”

Suggestion #18: Practice, Practice, Practice

Meditation (refer back to suggestion #13), belly breathing (refer back to suggestion #11), mind strengthening (refer back to suggestion #15), and visualization (refer back to suggestion #16) are all practices that can change your life for the better. However, you can only gain the most benefit from these practices if you incorporate them in your everyday routine. You should add one additional practice (meditation (refer back to suggestion #13), affirmation (refer back to suggestion #17), visualization(refer back to suggestion #16)) into your sleep routine (refer back to suggestion #9) in order to further get better results. 

DAYS 21-30: Spirit

These last 10 days of our 30-day plan are centered around connecting you to your sense of purpose and enhancing your spirit. When your body is connected and successfully communicating, you will achieve balance and harmony. However, any dysfunction of the body’s system can deter the communication. We will provide you with suggestions to best preserve this communication. 

DAYS 21-23: Nature

Suggestion #19: Connect With Nature

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to increase awareness of something greater than yourself. Connecting with nature has proven to have a positive effect on your intelligence, level of happiness, and overall health. You should try and take your daily walk (refer back to suggestion #5) in a place surrounded by nature. Natural light and open air will work effectively on your mind and body. 

Suggestion #20: Observe

Observing aspects of nature in a close manner will solidify your feeling of connection, in turn increasing communication - one of the more important practices when working to detoxify. In order to achieve this, choose an object from nature to focus on closely. Observe the object in full detail, focusing on each individual aspect. 

Suggestion #21: New Perspective 

Our perspective shapes how we perceive our circumstances. Changing your perspective can sometimes prove to be very difficult. However, the simplest way to successfully obtain a new perspective is to look at everyday things through a different point of view every day. If you take the same route on your daily walk (refer back to suggestion #5), you may decide to take a new route one day. Look at things from the outside.  

DAYS 24-27: Mindfulness

Suggestion #22: Mindfulness When Exercising

In order to increase harmony of the mind and body, during exercise (refer back to days 4-7), focus on the sensations enveloping your body. Distance yourself from distractions and focus solely on your breathing and body movement. Focus inward, not outward. 

Suggestion #23: Mindfulness When Eating

Mindfulness when eating has proven to control food consumption, while still digesting the proper nutrients you need. In order to achieve this, focus on the texture and taste of each chew and swallow. Appreciate the food you are eating and the nutrients and energy it provides you with. 

Suggestion #24: Mindfulness When Working

When working and completing everyday tasks, focus on the sensations that the work brings you. Focus on your hands and their movement as they work. Sense the movement of your muscles and focus on the sensations that come with touch. 

DAYS 28-30: Love and Appreciation 

Suggestion #25: Love Yourself and Others

Meditation focusing on love and kindness serves as one of the best ways to feel connected during hard times. Every night, as part of your meditation routine (refer back to days 14-17), focus your mind on loving thoughts. 

Suggestion #26: Separate Yourself From Your Troubles

The ability to let go and not hold on to what pains and troubles you is a vital part of successful detoxification. Take some time every day to focus on what troubles your mind. Once you successfully identify it, visualize it physically separating from you and disappearing. 

Suggestion #27: Gratitude

Human beings tend to focus on the negative aspects of their lives, especially during troubling times. However, everyone has a thing or multiple things that they can always focus on to feel gratitude. Everyday, focus on these things and write them down. Be descriptive even about the most simple of things.