Urinary Tract Symptoms & Homeopathic Medicines

Homeopathy helps relieve urinary tract symptoms: Burning & Stinging Pain when Urinating, Bladder Irritation, Strong urge to urinate. 

Arsenic AlbumArsenic Alb is closely related to renal diseases. Its patient has albuminuria with inflamed kidneys. Anxiety and Arsenic Album, restlessness can also result from mental overwork causing increased sensitivity of the kidneys. In cases of diseases of the bladder, prostate and kidneys, where Arsenic alone is indicated but does not help, the addition of Phosphorus will help when given separately.

Acidum Nitricum:  Severe pain & burning while urination. Chronical urethral discharge, may be bloody. Nonspecific urethritis. Ulcers of genitals. ulcers or stricture in urethra with stitching pains. Urine foul odor or strong, like a horse's urine. 

Cantharis Vesicatoria:  In Cantharis, there is severe burning sensation on passing urine. The urine dribbles with severe scalding. In Cantharis, the linings of the kidney tubules become inflamed and there is a feeling of burning along the urethra with the urine passing in the form of drops. Cantharis is not only a temporary remedy but can also neutralize the aftereffects of many other diseases permanently. The Cantharis patient is of aggressive nature and likes to torment others. He can become extremely angry. Cantharis in high potency can be useful in treating a sadistic type of person showing aggressive sexual behavior.  The skin of the Cantharis patient feels severe burning from simple touch. Cantharis is of great use for treating the hypothermia due to intense cold.

Chamomilla: Unsurpassed hypersensitivity to pain and angry, almost accusatory response to that pain. 

Cochlearia Officinalis: 

Conium Maculatum:  Weakness of the bladder, Urination interrupted despite straining, then flows easily after the patient relaxes. Prostatic enlargement , weight or heaviness felt in the perineum.

Hydrastis Canadensis: Inflammation of urethra. Chronic stringy, yellow discharge. 

Pimpinella Alba: Kidney or Bladder stones may cause extreme pain and blockage of urine flow.

Populus Tremula: remedy of considerable value in debility of the urinary tract. It acts best in small  doses. When so given it is of value in tenesmic action of the bladder immediately following urination.

Rhus Aromatica:  Urine pale, albuminous. Incontinence. Severe pain at beginning or before urination, causing great agony in children. Constant dribbling. Diabetes, large quantities of urine of low specific gravity.

Rhus Toxicodendron: Frequent urination. Enuresis, especially  in boys. 

Sarsaprilla: Cystitis with pain at the end of urination. Burning urination and frequent urging. Unable to urinate without standing. Urine filled with sediment, often red, which settles in the container. Calculi of kidneys or bladder with burning and hematuria. 

Scrophularia nodosa: Very useful for promoting urine flow and assisting with renal problems. 

Tussilago Farfara: Helps in urinary tract infections.

Veronica Officinalis:

Vincetoxicum Hirundinaria:

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