Damiana Ultra Drops for Women's Sexual Health, Libido and Vitality.
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Damiana Ultra Drops - Women's Sexual Health
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  • Supports weight management, Libido, Energy and Vitality.
  • Promote women’s sexual health.
  •  60 mL (~1-2 month supply).
  • 100% organic, non-GMO & purified.
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    Damiana ultra drops are indicated for temporary relief of diminished or absent sexual desire, decrease in performance and enjoyment. This is the best female libido enhancer supplement that promotes female sex stamina and libido. It helps tone and strengthens the female reproductive system. 

    Damiana is renowned for its libido-boosting properties in men and women and can enhance sexual sensation. A potent aphrodisiac liquid promotes energy and vitality. It is one of the best health supplements for optimal female reproductive health. 

    Healthy hormone levels are necessary for a woman's physical and emotional well-being. Damiana and vitex female libido liquid extract has long been used to support female hormones production and balance. Heavenly Herbals uses organic aphrodisiac flower extract to provide a full spectrum of Homeopathic tinctures for women's sexual health. 

    The best vitex supplement balances hormone levels, supporting overall reproductive health and promoting mood and healthy physical and emotional well-being.

    These essential aphrodisiac drops promote a healthy mindset and body throughout the menstrual cycle and support menopause relief.

    This homeopathic medicine for low female libido may also support anxiety and nervousness by restoring and rejuvenating the CNS and neural pathways. Mood elevating and subtly euphoric. 

    Do you face issues like Inconsistent cycles, occasional pain, ovulation quality? The solution is high-quality damiana female libido drops to support blood flow and circulation to the pelvic region while also soothing mucous membranes and urinary tract lining inflammation. 

    We think our ancestors knew a thing or two! – share in their wisdom by ordering our Damiana Ultra Drops TODAY! 


    The use of this product is based on traditional Homeopathic practices. These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. Would you mind reading the provided images for a detailed description of this product? Keep this product away from heat, direct sunlight. Shake well before use. Particulate matter is ordinary in these herb-based products because of the highest quality extracts. 

    See product label for ingredients.

    This product contains alcohol, so it most likely has a strong alcohol taste but smells like strong herbs. Mix ten drops with a half cup of water and keep aside for 5 minutes, then drink 2-3 times a day after food. Do not put directly on the tongue. It may cause burning feeling due to alcohol. 

    Customer Reviews
    Nita hoven 2019-05-22 13:17:22

    I just started using this and it is great. I feel better already. I would highly recommend this product

    kanda ryon 2019-05-21 13:18:41

    I found once it gets into your system i can orgasm quicker and my husband can just touch me and im ready im a 51 year old vibrate woman that enjoys sex

    Susie Hemple 2019-04-30 13:16:30

    I love my product. I recieved it on time and as promised .