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Damiana Vitality Drops (Alcohol FREE)
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Besides a potent Damiana extract, our Damiana Vitality Drops also contain a proprietary blend of health supplement extracts.  Avena sativa (wild oats) extract provides overall body relaxation and an additional boost in libido for men and women.  Agnus castus fruit extract can reduce female infertility and lessen symptoms of PMS and menopause in women, while increasing urinary and prostate function in men.  Crocus sativus (saffron) stigma extract offers therapeutic relieving qualities. Tribulus terrestris has a storied history in Ayurvedic herbal remedies, and the fruit extract we use is helpful for improving male virility, cardiovascular and urogenital health.

Vitalize and invigorate your body, mind and spirit with our natural energy booster Damiana Vitality Drops.  Renowned in Aztec and Mayan cultures for its aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant properties, Damiana herbal therapy increases libido in both men and women and promotes blood flow and circulation to the pelvic region.  Damiana Vitality Drops optimize male reproductive and prostate health, while serving to soothe inflammation in the region.  What’s more, Damiana acts as a restorative nervine for the CNS and neural pathways, helping to keep feelings of anxiety and nervousness at bay.  Our Damiana Vitality Drops are crafted from the finest all-natural and hand harvested ingredients, expertly manufactured in the US in our state-of-the art FDA registered facility.  Subtly euphoric and mood elevating, Damiana Vitality Drops are the perfect natural supplement to give a burst of brightness to your daily routine.

The final key extract in our Damiana Vitality Drops is Shilajit, a potent natural substance that seeps from the Himalayan mountains.  Meticulously gathered from cracks in the rock, Shilajit is a compressed organic material that contains vital trace minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients.  Long used in Ayurveda to enhance sexuality and fertility, increase male libido, and promote urinary tract and kidney health.

Active Ingredients: Amount per service 0.02ml of each active ingredients

Inactive Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Purified Water, Honey.

Unless otherwise prescribed, take 28 drops three times a day, directly on the tounge or mix with any juice, smoothie or shake.

Customer Reviews
I'm a young guy in my late 20s, for some reason I was experiencing some sexual performance anxiety so I could not get it 100% hard. I've been taking this for almost 2 weeks and...OH MY GOD you guys! I really wanted to get this in my system so I take 20 drops in the morning and 20 drops at around 8pm.
I would recommend this product to all
Alex Murphy
All I can say is - gentlemen, these things ACTUALLY work!

I'm cautious about what substances and supplements I take, so I was pumped to come across this all natural option for improving my, ahem...male health, if you know what I mean. It's in liquid form so it's easy to squirt a few drops into my smoothies and workout shakes for an extra boost.

HIGHLY recommend!
My husband is 54 with high blood pressure cholesterol and diabetes, needless to say, that has caused some problems in our love life, he has been taking this supplement daily for 3 weeks, and his erections are solid and more vascular. He also has woke up with early morning readiness if ya catch my drift! Only thing is we are not sure if this should be taken daily continuously or take breaks after a period of time? Perhaps i should contact Heavenly Herbals , they do have excellent customer service speaking from experience with them on a different supplement. My husband has been taking this every day since September. It has been wonderful! He also has been more energetic and HIS BLOOD PRESSURE HAS IMPROVED! Very happy with this product.